Routines and Writing

NaNoWriMo prep is in the air, and the closer we get to November the less I know what to do. On one hand, I love the thought of the challenge. Writing 50,000 words in one month; starting a new novel and literally writing the whole thing in thirty days. Ooh, I get excited thinking about … Continue reading Routines and Writing

Words Formed

Today feels like spring. Sunny, breezy, and like many things could get done without rush, as did yesterday. And things have been done; writing, exercising, baking, laundry. Speaking of writing, which I speak of often, sometimes I wonder how many people out there write without anyone else knowing. I think a lot of people do. … Continue reading Words Formed

Ready To Go

Itโ€™s Camp NaNoWriMo once more! Held every April and July, itโ€™s the build toward November, which is National Novel Writing Month. Keen as. If you remember, I wrote about Camp NaNoWriMo throughout April. (I explain what it is here and talk about my experience here.) Being the 29th of June (can you believe it?), tomorrow … Continue reading Ready To Go

June Camper

It's winter, hoorah! The people rejoice! So what's happening this June, I hear you ask? 1/ Birthday celebrations This camper is turning twenty one in under two weeks. It's come around so quick; usually your birthday is something that's always in the distance, you know? Well it's nearly here and I don't know what to … Continue reading June Camper

Us, Today

What happens to me sometimes when I'm writing is a piece goes somewhere I'm not expecting it to. I can start off a poem with an intent, and then it goes in a different direction just because, which is fine, but that can result in the poem not being as personal to me as it … Continue reading Us, Today

Stop Writing! Playlist

I mentioned that I had a break-from-writing playlist, and here it is! Get up from your laptop and get grooving, am I right am I right. 1. We Don't Believe What's on TV (Twenty One Pilots) This is the perfect balance of everything you want in a song. 2. A-Punk (Vampire Weekend) This song … Continue reading Stop Writing! Playlist