Write, Now

Itโ€™s time to get back into it. In my mind, blogging is reaching a brick wall and wanting to get to the other side. Most of the time I can climb over the top, scaling the heights easily, no resistance. Words build up and fall down and quite suddenly the brick wall is behind me. … Continue reading Write, Now

Blank Pages

I feel like I have run out of blogging words, so read this short poem I wrote instead, called 'Blank Pages'. Words sitting on the page in front of me Standing on the outside looking in. Tell me what you see when you look inside You don't show your tears - There's nothing left to … Continue reading Blank Pages

The Art of Streaming

Sometimes your thoughts get all confused and that's okay but let's hope it doesn't last heaps long because we just want to move on with our lives but we can't when we're busy thinking the same thing over and over. I'm listening to this song over and over and I know that in two days … Continue reading The Art of Streaming

The Art of Writing in a Different Environment

In a lot of โ€œHow to Not Have Writers Blockโ€ posts Iโ€™ve read, they have a large list of things to do. Many I do not do. My number one piece of advice in this department is: write in a different environment. I like going outside (in the sunshine, not in coldness) and sitting at … Continue reading The Art of Writing in a Different Environment

The Art of Finding Something to Write or Blog About

The art of finding something to write or blog about; a simple thought, really. I feel that the general idea of starting a blog involves having something to write about; politics, health, DIY, etc. The list truly does go on as humanity googles more and more, and I have to admit: I am merely one … Continue reading The Art of Finding Something to Write or Blog About