On Blogging for Two Years

I’ve been thinking about my blog lately; how it’s changed over the (many) months, how it ranges from longer posts to short thoughts that didn’t even make sense to me at the time. I like what my blog is, and I still love blogging, but I can’t help but linger on what it used to … Continue reading On Blogging for Two Years

For Lack of a Plan

The decision has been made: NaNoWriMo will be attempted by this camper. But perhaps not in true Sarah-fashion. In NaNoWriMo there are many horror stories of people walking into November with no plan, no outline, no plot. They go into it with nothing. And many crash halfway through the month because they don’t know where … Continue reading For Lack of a Plan

Words Formed

Today feels like spring. Sunny, breezy, and like many things could get done without rush, as did yesterday. And things have been done; writing, exercising, baking, laundry. Speaking of writing, which I speak of often, sometimes I wonder how many people out there write without anyone else knowing. I think a lot of people do. … Continue reading Words Formed

Lost and Found

Just a lil' thing to say hi. Get back in the groove, so to speak. Something about blogging even if a thought isn't polished. 'Lost and Found', a poem by me: I need You To watch over me. To carry me home To calm the seas. I'm a lost sheep Worn, tired. You're the Shepherd … Continue reading Lost and Found


In an age where there are so many different ways to use technology, I want to talk about the humble notebook. Ah, paper. What I find interesting is that despite technology being so widely used, trends like bullet journaling are also rising and super popular. (Just as a side thought there.) I have a lot … Continue reading Notebooks!