One Story, Two Story

I feel like blogging but the only thing to blog about right now is the weather and tea and driving through the fog into the sunshine. In some ways this is a nice place to be because life is simple and enjoyable and each day holds stability. But in another way how many times can … Continue reading One Story, Two Story

Lost and Found

Just a lil' thing to say hi. Get back in the groove, so to speak. Something about blogging even if a thought isn't polished. 'Lost and Found', a poem by me: I need You To watch over me. To carry me home To calm the seas. I'm a lost sheep Worn, tired. You're the Shepherd … Continue reading Lost and Found

Liza and Jude

The following is a short story I wrote, called 'Liza and Jude'. It means a lot to me, and I hope you enjoy reading it. The soft glow that had been lingering all evening seemed to disappear in one swoop, all the adventure suddenly gone from within Liza as the sun disappeared, only to be … Continue reading Liza and Jude