Sewing: Reusable Cotton Rounds

If you remember from this post, I said that one small step I want to take to help the environment was to sew reusable cotton rounds. I use disposable ones to remove makeup and nail polish, and that is a lot of waste. Sewing reusable ones wasn't that hard, either; I spent half an hour … Continue reading Sewing: Reusable Cotton Rounds

Hello World

I find it bizarre what we put up with sometimes. An example of this is: I have two bookcases. One of them was bought in the last five years, but the other I've owned since primary school. The one that I've had since primary school – and I don't even have a justification for this … Continue reading Hello World

June Camper

It's winter, hoorah! The people rejoice! So what's happening this June, I hear you ask? 1/ Birthday celebrations This camper is turning twenty one in under two weeks. It's come around so quick; usually your birthday is something that's always in the distance, you know? Well it's nearly here and I don't know what to … Continue reading June Camper

The Art of Doing Things Well

I’ve been doing some sewing today, and it’s always something that makes me sit down and think. It always always always takes longer than I expect/want it to. (Maybe saying always always always was a bit of an exaggeration. There have been some very quick and satisfying projects, if I do say so myself.) But … Continue reading The Art of Doing Things Well