June Camper

It's winter, hoorah! The people rejoice! So what's happening this June, I hear you ask? 1/ Birthday celebrations This camper is turning twenty one in under two weeks. It's come around so quick; usually your birthday is something that's always in the distance, you know? Well it's nearly here and I don't know what to … Continue reading June Camper

The Art of Learning (part 2)

As the end of my year of blogging looms closer, I've decided to continue the trend of a list of lessons learnt. This is a list of things I've learnt since moving back home. I've been back home since late December, nearly a month, although it doesn't feel that long due to going away and … Continue reading The Art of Learning (part 2)

How Long

'How Long', a song by me: It’s what happens when nothing else matters It’s not easy when you know the world is dying, And it’s not easy when you see the people crying. I gave you the best look I have Tell me, is it enough? Just tell me what to say And I’ll tell … Continue reading How Long

The Art of Swimming

If there’s something you should know about me, it’s that swimming has never been my favourite thing to do. I have distinctive memories of going to various different swimming teachers throughout my childhood; one in which was slightly intimidating, and I remember I always had to tie my hair up and they supplied elastics if … Continue reading The Art of Swimming

New Music Playlist

I’ve been away for the past few days at a woman’s retreat called Captivating. There were so many good things about the weekend, which I’ll get into in the next few days blog posts, but for now I think I’ll give you a playlist of the songs that spoke to me the most throughout those … Continue reading New Music Playlist