Ordinary (But Not)

I wake up and journal, eat breakfast and get ready for the day. I drive to work with good music playing and navigate through the fog, brace myself to face the cold for twenty seconds while I walk into the office. I work and drink tea and stand by the heater, but mostly work. I … Continue reading Ordinary (But Not)

Hello World

I find it bizarre what we put up with sometimes. An example of this is: I have two bookcases. One of them was bought in the last five years, but the other I've owned since primary school. The one that I've had since primary school – and I don't even have a justification for this … Continue reading Hello World

Ten Minutes Bro

I have decided to try something and that is to do something for ten minutes a day. My theory is this: dedicating ten minutes to a task is easier than committing to half an hour or more. By saying I'll do something for ten minutes, I'll end up spending more time on them anyway whilst … Continue reading Ten Minutes Bro

The Art of Loving Paper Squares

I don’t know if I’m just crazy-obsessed with being organised and stationary items, but my latest excitement is over – wait for it – paper squares! I don’t know if they have a proper name. Basically all they are is a tall stack of paper squares I keep on my bedside table. Think bigger than … Continue reading The Art of Loving Paper Squares

The Art of Blogging when You have Nothing to Blog About

This feels scarily like a confession rather than a happy blog post, but I’ll roll with it for now. I feel unmotivated and tired, which is a feeling many people know too well. So here’s a blog post that might help, but might not, because I’m not going to proofread this one. (Another confession: I … Continue reading The Art of Blogging when You have Nothing to Blog About