The Simple Poet

I used to delete almost everything I wrote. It’s a habit hard to shake; even now I flick through documents of words, my words, and I want to pretend they were never written. But at the time they meant something. They probably still do, if I read them with the right eyes rather than the … Continue reading The Simple Poet

More Words

I like flicking through my old journals. Not to read or dwell on anything, but because they’re so full of words. The pages are overflowing with my thoughts, and I find that fascinating. I also really want to know what ten words I use the most, and would those ten words vary between journals? (This … Continue reading More Words

Poem #5

Today’s rhyme: New idea – Been done before. This time is different – Are you sure? Writing so many small bits and pieces is a bit discouraging. I feel like I’m not writing anything of substance, or importance. I like writing little poems, but the fact they don’t fit anywhere it pretty irritating. Like – … Continue reading Poem #5

Poem #3

I love a good cup of tea. Tea doesn't solve problems But keeps them at bay. Have a cup in early morning Don't face the coming day. This poem a day thing has been enjoyable so far, though it would be nice if I was writing longer things rather than small bursts here and there. … Continue reading Poem #3

Thoughts and Edits

The journey of editing my novel is bizarre, to say the least. There's a constant change of my mind; the writing is brilliant and I've impressed myself beyond measure or it's so poorly written I should delete it all. The characters have fantastic development or they're two dimensional people with no life. It's a meaningful … Continue reading Thoughts and Edits

Blank Pages

I feel like I have run out of blogging words, so read this short poem I wrote instead, called 'Blank Pages'. Words sitting on the page in front of me Standing on the outside looking in. Tell me what you see when you look inside You don't show your tears - There's nothing left to … Continue reading Blank Pages