A New Journey

I’ve been thinking about the environment, and waste, and minimalism. With Woolworths getting rid of thin plastic bags, the environment is on a lot of people’s minds. I’ve never been particularly unaware of environmental issues, but lately I’ve been more proactive in researching and trying to understand what the problem is and what the average … Continue reading A New Journey

Sunflower Dreaming

I was washing up when I saw them. Sunflowers, fully bloomed, looking absolutely perfect. There's no other way to describe them. It's the first time I've grown a plant from a seed. As in, all the other flowers and succulents I've had I've all bought already as plants, so all I had to do was … Continue reading Sunflower Dreaming


I never used to do this. Wander aimlessly, I mean. I'm very good at sticking to a plan, a point, a productive action. But in this time of uncertainty, one of the things I appreciate the most has been walking for the sake of it. Not exercising, not slowing from running, but just walking and … Continue reading Meandering

The Art of Looking Outside

From where I’m sitting on my bed, I can look out the door that leads onto my balcony, and there is a jacaranda tree. It’s very purple. Very beautiful. From here, it kind of looks like many vibrant grapes clumped together, but as you walk closer you can see soft petals, delicate flowers. I like … Continue reading The Art of Looking Outside

The Art of Leaving Plants Behind

Well, I've said goodbye to my new succulents (who were freshly watered yesterday) as I'm on holidays for a week. Ah. Holidays. There has been no guilt in leaving my plants behind. Why would I think about my strong succulents, who can look after themselves, when I'm sitting here, relaxing with a book and a … Continue reading The Art of Leaving Plants Behind