Sunflower Dreaming

I was washing up when I saw them. Sunflowers, fully bloomed, looking absolutely perfect. There's no other way to describe them. It's the first time I've grown a plant from a seed. As in, all the other flowers and succulents I've had I've all bought already as plants, so all I had to do was … Continue reading Sunflower Dreaming


I never used to do this. Wander aimlessly, I mean. I'm very good at sticking to a plan, a point, a productive action. But in this time of uncertainty, one of the things I appreciate the most has been walking for the sake of it. Not exercising, not slowing from running, but just walking and … Continue reading Meandering

The Art of Attending

I can’t believe I forgot to blog again yesterday. My passion for blogging hasn’t waned, it’s the simply fact of being out of my usual routine. Yesterday entailed going to my first funeral, then afterwards going to the beach. I’m currently not at my usual residence, and I’m listening to Christmas music (don’t sue me … Continue reading The Art of Attending