On Finding the Perfect Balance

Imagine this: The perfect day, starting with a cup of tea and ending with a book. Filled with mastering a new recipe (something involving chicken, no doubt), writing a short story, going for a run (classic cardio) (just had to google ‘is running cardio’ to make sure), keeping everyone in my life happy, watering a … Continue reading On Finding the Perfect Balance

Declutter: Ten Things

I thought I’d make a list of ten things that are relatively easy to declutter; they're main areas that usually build up items we don't like or need. 1/ Clothes My top tip for this is: take everything out of the wardrobe. Looking at an item in your closet makes you more likely to leave … Continue reading Declutter: Ten Things

Slowing Down

I didn't write as many blog posts this May. Let's talk about that. In some ways I have never written more, but in other ways I've never written less. In terms of this blog, I wrote down a lot of one-liners or starts to a blog post, but most haven't come into fruition yet. Whenever … Continue reading Slowing Down

The Art of Learning (part 2)

As the end of my year of blogging looms closer, I've decided to continue the trend of a list of lessons learnt. This is a list of things I've learnt since moving back home. I've been back home since late December, nearly a month, although it doesn't feel that long due to going away and … Continue reading The Art of Learning (part 2)

The Art of Learning (part 1)

I have five days left until my year of blogging is officially over. It feels kind of crazy that I've blogged (pretty much) every day for the past year, but also kind of normal, like this is a reoccurring thing for me (hi, I've been blogging since before I could talk). As my official year … Continue reading The Art of Learning (part 1)

The Art of Moving

I didn’t blog yesterday. It wasn’t because of any deep reason, other than the fact that I forgot. If I blog right before bed, I’ll do it on my phone so I don’t have to set up my laptop and annoy my trying-to-sleep roommates. Well, last night I thought I had something else to do, … Continue reading The Art of Moving