Slowing Down

I didn't write as many blog posts this May. Let's talk about that. In some ways I have never written more, but in other ways I've never written less. In terms of this blog, I wrote down a lot of one-liners or starts to a blog post, but most haven't come into fruition yet. Whenever … Continue reading Slowing Down

Thoughts and Edits

The journey of editing my novel is bizarre, to say the least. There's a constant change of my mind; the writing is brilliant and I've impressed myself beyond measure or it's so poorly written I should delete it all. The characters have fantastic development or they're two dimensional people with no life. It's a meaningful … Continue reading Thoughts and Edits

In Which the World Ends and Starts Again in the Morning

Let me tell you of the biggest thing in my life right now. God. At the start of this year, I knew He was with me. I had grown so much in the two years previous that I believed things would turn out good; I believed that He had my future and I didn't have … Continue reading In Which the World Ends and Starts Again in the Morning

The Art of Learning (part 2)

As the end of my year of blogging looms closer, I've decided to continue the trend of a list of lessons learnt. This is a list of things I've learnt since moving back home. I've been back home since late December, nearly a month, although it doesn't feel that long due to going away and … Continue reading The Art of Learning (part 2)

The Art of Moving

I didn’t blog yesterday. It wasn’t because of any deep reason, other than the fact that I forgot. If I blog right before bed, I’ll do it on my phone so I don’t have to set up my laptop and annoy my trying-to-sleep roommates. Well, last night I thought I had something else to do, … Continue reading The Art of Moving

The Art of Choosing Your Life

Sometimes it feels I’m stuck in a “Choose Your Own Adventure”. And I have to keep choosing all these small things, and I’m wondering when I’m going to reach the page where the main character dies in a cave searching for a yeti. Or something along those lines. And what I don’t understand is how … Continue reading The Art of Choosing Your Life