That Time I Wrote a lot of Poems

With the hype of NaNoWriMo I realised I never reflected on my 30-poems-in-30-days. So, here we go. I have three notebooks stashed in my guitar case, within them holding my songs and poems. I filled up half a notebook during my month of writing a poem a day; some small rhymes, others thoughts that were … Continue reading That Time I Wrote a lot of Poems

More Words

I like flicking through my old journals. Not to read or dwell on anything, but because they’re so full of words. The pages are overflowing with my thoughts, and I find that fascinating. I also really want to know what ten words I use the most, and would those ten words vary between journals? (This … Continue reading More Words

Poem #2

In the past two days, since deciding to write creatively regardless of purpose, I have written six mini poems and a few fictional paragraphs that don’t fit into my novel. It’s quite nice, writing aimlessly whilst knowing I’m doing it for myself. It doesn’t have a point which is the point. Rather than saying ‘it’s … Continue reading Poem #2

Good Morning

It’s time for a blog post. Let me hear your cheers of joy. Can cheers be anything but joyful?  Can cheers be sad? (I just looked up the definition and a cheer is a shout of joy, so there you go.) (Look at me, caring for your education/not wanting to lead you astray.) It’s lunch … Continue reading Good Morning

Camp NaNoWriMo 2018 Diary (April)

Hello, campers! In my post April Camper I mentioned that this April I'm participating in Camp NaNoWriMo. Each day, I've been writing just a little bit about how it's going, and I decided to compile it for my blog. A little diary, as you will. The reason I'm posting this now instead of at the … Continue reading Camp NaNoWriMo 2018 Diary (April)


In an age where there are so many different ways to use technology, I want to talk about the humble notebook. Ah, paper. What I find interesting is that despite technology being so widely used, trends like bullet journaling are also rising and super popular. (Just as a side thought there.) I have a lot … Continue reading Notebooks!