On Attending Church when it’s Difficult

2018 and 2019 were filled with feeling bad about not going to church but also feeling bad about being there. Up until mid-way through this year, I wasn’t attending church frequently. Last year I did go somewhere somewhat regularly, but it didn’t feel right so I stopped going. I was caught between wanting to go… Continue reading On Attending Church when it’s Difficult

Eco-Friendly / Minimalism · Jesus

my thoughts on climate change

My main reason for trying to choose more eco-friendly options is less about climate change and more about Jesus. // I don’t want to litter because that destroys the beautiful world God created. // I don’t want to buy fast fashion because I care about the treatment of the workers. // I don’t want to… Continue reading my thoughts on climate change


On Body Positivity and Insecurity (part 3)

You can find part one here and part two here. Both are ~juicy bois~ so prepare yourself. When you get to know someone, they look like themselves. Have you noticed that? How when you’re friends with someone, their looks don’t stand out to you in the same way because you recognise them as a person… Continue reading On Body Positivity and Insecurity (part 3)