Lost and Found

Just a lil' thing to say hi. Get back in the groove, so to speak. Something about blogging even if a thought isn't polished. 'Lost and Found', a poem by me: I need You To watch over me. To carry me home To calm the seas. I'm a lost sheep Worn, tired. You're the Shepherd … Continue reading Lost and Found

Hello World

I find it bizarre what we put up with sometimes. An example of this is: I have two bookcases. One of them was bought in the last five years, but the other I've owned since primary school. The one that I've had since primary school – and I don't even have a justification for this … Continue reading Hello World

Poems (Easier)

Poems can be easier to post on my blog because they can be abstract and I can hide behind a metaphor without fully explaining the meaning of it. There's so much room to interpret what it means that the significance of the poem gets lost underneath the struggle to understand it. With a poem, the … Continue reading Poems (Easier)


I admit, this is a bit of a rip-off. I wrote this song in 2016. But I'm so tired and I really need to go to sleep, probably forty minutes ago. So I'm going to post this. But tomorrow I'll write something completely fresh and you'll all love it and forgive me for this 😉 … Continue reading Ocean

How Long

'How Long', a song by me: It’s what happens when nothing else matters It’s not easy when you know the world is dying, And it’s not easy when you see the people crying. I gave you the best look I have Tell me, is it enough? Just tell me what to say And I’ll tell … Continue reading How Long

Never Left Alone

I spent the morning writing songs and just trying out things on my guitar. Also listening to ABBA. Though that last one doesn’t really apply to this blog post. I’ve been feeling pretty uninspired in terms of writing songs and books and blogs and I’ve been listening to all this music and reading all this … Continue reading Never Left Alone