June Camper

It's winter, hoorah! The people rejoice! So what's happening this June, I hear you ask? 1/ Birthday celebrations This camper is turning twenty one in under two weeks. It's come around so quick; usually your birthday is something that's always in the distance, you know? Well it's nearly here and I don't know what to … Continue reading June Camper

Thoughts and Edits

The journey of editing my novel is bizarre, to say the least. There's a constant change of my mind; the writing is brilliant and I've impressed myself beyond measure or it's so poorly written I should delete it all. The characters have fantastic development or they're two dimensional people with no life. It's a meaningful … Continue reading Thoughts and Edits

The Art of Asking the Right Questions

Lately I’ve mentioned a few times how my assignments teach me a lot and how I get a lot out of them. This is another one of those posts. One of my assignments right now is based on one of the gospels, and we have to look at all of the questions Jesus asks in … Continue reading The Art of Asking the Right Questions

The Art of Loving Christmas Music

Okay, okay, I know it’s not Christmas. It’s not even that close to Christmas. It’s nearly as far away from Christmas as you could get. But the fact that I love Christmas and Christmas music hasn’t diminished simply because the calendar hasn’t reached it yet. I can have incredibly in-depth conversation about why Christmas is … Continue reading The Art of Loving Christmas Music