The Simple Poet

I used to delete almost everything I wrote. It’s a habit hard to shake; even now I flick through documents of words, my words, and I want to pretend they were never written. But at the time they meant something. They probably still do, if I read them with the right eyes rather than the … Continue reading The Simple Poet

February 2019 Reading

In February I read one less book than January, though I did make good progress in several books I'm currently reading. I'm still feeling motivated with my reading challenge and haven't fallen behind. The Crown (Selection series #5) by Kiera Cass This is the final book of the Selection series. If you can remember from … Continue reading February 2019 Reading

January 2019 Reading

One and a half months into my 2019 reading challenge and I think it’s time to talk about it. I know it’s February, but I like the thought of talking about each month’s reading, and January is a good place to start. Present over Perfect by Shauna Niequist This book sounded like a good way … Continue reading January 2019 Reading

On Blogging for Two Years

I’ve been thinking about my blog lately; how it’s changed over the (many) months, how it ranges from longer posts to short thoughts that didn’t even make sense to me at the time. I like what my blog is, and I still love blogging, but I can’t help but linger on what it used to … Continue reading On Blogging for Two Years

Minimalism: Books

I’ve hopped on the Ursula Le Guin train and so far it’s pretty alright. Le Guin is a classic science fiction author - 'The Left Hand of Darkness' is a popular book written by her – though the reason I’ve heard of her is relatively embarrassing. For the Jane Austen fan, you may have heard … Continue reading Minimalism: Books