Ramblings and Zines

It still smells like spring and the sun lingers in the evening, creating an atmosphere in which I want to both be waking up as early as I can and falling asleep as late as possible. I don’t want to miss any part of the day. My window is open even when it gets too … Continue reading Ramblings and Zines

Spring Writing

My days smell like spring which is lovely but I’ve discovered a problem. Spring is motivating for writing because the sun is warm on my back and everything smells fresh and new and clean and I don’t have to wear a thousand layers just to feel my toes. But I feel like writing so I … Continue reading Spring Writing

Blank Pages

I feel like I have run out of blogging words, so read this short poem I wrote instead, called 'Blank Pages'. Words sitting on the page in front of me Standing on the outside looking in. Tell me what you see when you look inside You don't show your tears - There's nothing left to … Continue reading Blank Pages

Comfort in the Cold

Something I highly approve of is the fact that I can write a blog post in the comfiest clothes known to man, but no one has to know. I mean, you've probably all guessed from the way I go on about winter clothes, but my point remains: you see my words not my soft jumpers. … Continue reading Comfort in the Cold

Us, Today

What happens to me sometimes when I'm writing is a piece goes somewhere I'm not expecting it to. I can start off a poem with an intent, and then it goes in a different direction just because, which is fine, but that can result in the poem not being as personal to me as it … Continue reading Us, Today