Ramblings and Zines

It still smells like spring and the sun lingers in the evening, creating an atmosphere in which I want to both be waking up as early as I can and falling asleep as late as possible. I don’t want to miss any part of the day. My window is open even when it gets too … Continue reading Ramblings and Zines

Spring Writing

My days smell like spring which is lovely but I’ve discovered a problem. Spring is motivating for writing because the sun is warm on my back and everything smells fresh and new and clean and I don’t have to wear a thousand layers just to feel my toes. But I feel like writing so I … Continue reading Spring Writing

Good Morning

It’s time for a blog post. Let me hear your cheers of joy. Can cheers be anything but joyful?  Can cheers be sad? (I just looked up the definition and a cheer is a shout of joy, so there you go.) (Look at me, caring for your education/not wanting to lead you astray.) It’s lunch … Continue reading Good Morning

One Story, Two Story

I feel like blogging but the only thing to blog about right now is the weather and tea and driving through the fog into the sunshine. In some ways this is a nice place to be because life is simple and enjoyable and each day holds stability. But in another way how many times can … Continue reading One Story, Two Story

Lost and Found

Just a lil' thing to say hi. Get back in the groove, so to speak. Something about blogging even if a thought isn't polished. 'Lost and Found', a poem by me: I need You To watch over me. To carry me home To calm the seas. I'm a lost sheep Worn, tired. You're the Shepherd … Continue reading Lost and Found

Slowing Down

I didn't write as many blog posts this May. Let's talk about that. In some ways I have never written more, but in other ways I've never written less. In terms of this blog, I wrote down a lot of one-liners or starts to a blog post, but most haven't come into fruition yet. Whenever … Continue reading Slowing Down

Thoughts and Edits

The journey of editing my novel is bizarre, to say the least. There's a constant change of my mind; the writing is brilliant and I've impressed myself beyond measure or it's so poorly written I should delete it all. The characters have fantastic development or they're two dimensional people with no life. It's a meaningful … Continue reading Thoughts and Edits