Declutter: Ten Things

I thought I’d make a list of ten things that are relatively easy to declutter; they're main areas that usually build up items we don't like or need. 1/ Clothes My top tip for this is: take everything out of the wardrobe. Looking at an item in your closet makes you more likely to leave … Continue reading Declutter: Ten Things

Podcasts: Been Listening

I think I’ve talked about podcasts before, but not in great detail, which leads me here this afternoon. I thought I’d share my five favourite podcasts with you campers. 1/ Happy Writing with Vivien Reis I’m subscribed to Vivien Reis’ channel on YouTube (linked above), so when I discovered she also has a podcast I … Continue reading Podcasts: Been Listening

One Story, Two Story

I feel like blogging but the only thing to blog about right now is the weather and tea and driving through the fog into the sunshine. In some ways this is a nice place to be because life is simple and enjoyable and each day holds stability. But in another way how many times can … Continue reading One Story, Two Story

Comfort in the Cold

Something I highly approve of is the fact that I can write a blog post in the comfiest clothes known to man, but no one has to know. I mean, you've probably all guessed from the way I go on about winter clothes, but my point remains: you see my words not my soft jumpers. … Continue reading Comfort in the Cold

The Art of Learning (part 2)

As the end of my year of blogging looms closer, I've decided to continue the trend of a list of lessons learnt. This is a list of things I've learnt since moving back home. I've been back home since late December, nearly a month, although it doesn't feel that long due to going away and … Continue reading The Art of Learning (part 2)