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my thoughts on climate change

My main reason for trying to choose more eco-friendly options is less about climate change and more about Jesus. // I don’t want to litter because that destroys the beautiful world God created. // I don’t want to buy fast fashion because I care about the treatment of the workers. // I don’t want to… Continue reading my thoughts on climate change

Eco-Friendly / Minimalism

Eco-Friendly Implementation

Since Sunday’s post I’ve been thinking about ways I can implement more eco-friendly steps at work. On Monday I made myself a recycling-box, as that was an issue area for me, but there’s more I can be doing. Here’s what I’ve thought of so far: 1/ Buy local where possible. (Okay, this isn’t specifically eco-friendly,… Continue reading Eco-Friendly Implementation

Eco-Friendly / Minimalism

Environmental Accountability

Lately I’ve been re-inspired by all things eco-friendly and minimal. Not that I ever stopped being interested, and I haven’t ‘forgotten’ to be more aware of waste, but after the initial excitement of researching something new, it’s easy to push it to the back of your mind. The other day I bought some Australian-made, organic,… Continue reading Environmental Accountability

Eco-Friendly / Minimalism

Reversing the Damage to Our Environment

Taking care of the earth is a hot topic right now, and probably will be until Jesus returns. I say this because I believe that no amount of meat-free Monday’s we participate in (with our metal straws at the ready) can reverse some of the damage already done to this planet. In light of this,… Continue reading Reversing the Damage to Our Environment