Poem #1

If you remember from yesterday's post, I'm unofficially challenging myself to write creatively without a purpose. Although does posting them on this blog give them a purpose? (I'm asking the real questions, campers.) Here's my poem of the day, a short fella that took a few seconds. Isn't it funny what we can create in … Continue reading Poem #1

Lost and Found

Just a lil' thing to say hi. Get back in the groove, so to speak. Something about blogging even if a thought isn't polished. 'Lost and Found', a poem by me: I need You To watch over me. To carry me home To calm the seas. I'm a lost sheep Worn, tired. You're the Shepherd … Continue reading Lost and Found

Blank Pages

I feel like I have run out of blogging words, so read this short poem I wrote instead, called 'Blank Pages'. Words sitting on the page in front of me Standing on the outside looking in. Tell me what you see when you look inside You don't show your tears - There's nothing left to … Continue reading Blank Pages

Us, Today

What happens to me sometimes when I'm writing is a piece goes somewhere I'm not expecting it to. I can start off a poem with an intent, and then it goes in a different direction just because, which is fine, but that can result in the poem not being as personal to me as it … Continue reading Us, Today


I find it strange that considering I love to read so much (so, so much) I don't blog about books that often. I think because I have a Goodreads account all my ratings, reviews, to-be-read list, have-read, etc., already have a place to go. But I felt like talking about books. Not in a typical … Continue reading Erasure