More Words

I like flicking through my old journals. Not to read or dwell on anything, but because they’re so full of words. The pages are overflowing with my thoughts, and I find that fascinating. I also really want to know what ten words I use the most, and would those ten words vary between journals? (This … Continue reading More Words


The creative paragraph I wrote today. "What are you doing?" He asks the question gently, out of politeness rather than yearning for response. She does something with her shoulders then – not quite a shrug, but changing position so she can write and keep the paper in place with one hand. "Investing in my future." … Continue reading Floating

Write, Now

It’s time to get back into it. In my mind, blogging is reaching a brick wall and wanting to get to the other side. Most of the time I can climb over the top, scaling the heights easily, no resistance. Words build up and fall down and quite suddenly the brick wall is behind me. … Continue reading Write, Now

Poem #5

Today’s rhyme: New idea – Been done before. This time is different – Are you sure? Writing so many small bits and pieces is a bit discouraging. I feel like I’m not writing anything of substance, or importance. I like writing little poems, but the fact they don’t fit anywhere it pretty irritating. Like – … Continue reading Poem #5

Poem #4

I wrote this poem in a quiet time with God today, not planning to post it on my blog. But hey, why not? Things fade away You stay the same Firm foundation, always listening Never sleeping, Your promises stand. I choose to believe, No room for doubt In You I trust. I will run this … Continue reading Poem #4

Poem #3

I love a good cup of tea. Tea doesn't solve problems But keeps them at bay. Have a cup in early morning Don't face the coming day. This poem a day thing has been enjoyable so far, though it would be nice if I was writing longer things rather than small bursts here and there. … Continue reading Poem #3

Poem #2

In the past two days, since deciding to write creatively regardless of purpose, I have written six mini poems and a few fictional paragraphs that don’t fit into my novel. It’s quite nice, writing aimlessly whilst knowing I’m doing it for myself. It doesn’t have a point which is the point. Rather than saying ‘it’s … Continue reading Poem #2