I find it strange that considering I love to read so much (so, so much) I don't blog about books that often. I think because I have a Goodreads account all my ratings, reviews, to-be-read list, have-read, etc., already have a place to go. But I felt like talking about books. Not in a typical … Continue reading Erasure

The Art of Reading

Nothing quite matches the joy of holding a new book in your hands, the pages fresh and crisp, the smell so undeniably...bookish (except, perhaps, clean sheets). I bought a new book this morning, making up for the oats I had for breakfast today, the salad I had for lunch yesterday, and the lack of tea. … Continue reading The Art of Reading

The Art of Writing a Book

I am not an expert in writing. I may be naturally inclined to words (especially in comparison to numbers *shudders*) but that doesn’t mean I’m all knowledgeable. I don’t really know how to deal with writer’s block and I only know that a novel is typically between 55,000 and 200,000 words because I just googled … Continue reading The Art of Writing a Book