The idea for this blog is simple; I’m good at starting things but not finishing them. Sewing projects, learning new hobbies, conversations…whatever it may be, I thought it was finally time to step up and do something I’ve always wanted to do, and actually finish it. I have half-sewn dresses in my cupboard, half-written songs in notebooks. So I’ve set my deadline for one year, and it’s simple: blog every day for an entire year. Start something, finish something.

Blog everyday for the rest of the year, no exception, on “The Art of…”, depending on my thoughts or actions of the day. Some posts may be simple (or a little on the weird side) such as The Art of Claiming Succulents while others may prove to be more beneficial, such as The Art of Giving 100%. Other times I may just share my creative side, such as The Art of Writing out Your Feelings.

I’m sure at least one post will capture your attention, campers.

And so, here I am, a twenty year old with faith in Jesus Christ, a guitar I’m learning to use, a bunch of plants I can’t keep alive, and a love for reading books (with a cup of tea next to me).

It’s twenty seventeen, and it’s time for it to be-my-year. I hope it’s yours, too.

Sarah xx

P.S. All of the photos on my blog are either of me or were taken by me.

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