Welcome to my blog!

I started this blog at the beginning of 2017 with a challenge in mind: blog every single day for an entire year.

Publishing a post every single day grew me in ways I didn’t know I could grow. It taught me to get over my insecurities of writing; if I didn’t have this challenge, I never would have started a blog because I never would’ve published anything. Anything that I wrote was never good enough. But by pushing myself to publish every single day, I learnt that I was hardest on myself, and most things I wrote weren’t as bad as I thought when I looked back on them.

Now it’s 2018, and while my official year of blogging every day is over, I love blogging and writing too much to give it up. So I’m keeping my blog, though perhaps blogging a bit less.

And so here I remain, a twenty year old living in Australia with faith in Jesus Christ, a guitar I play when I’m not blogging, a bunch of plants I can’t keep alive, and a love for reading books (with a cup of tea next to me).

Enjoy reading through my endeavors,

Sarah xx

P.S. All of the photos on my blog are either of me or were taken by me.

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