Rest / Poem

I have a take-home exam due on Sunday and have spent the last two days on my laptop, putting together essays about Virginia Woolf and George Bernard Shaw. As a much needed break, today I went out into the cloudy day, seeing hardly anybody and enjoying a slow-paced walk.

As I walked, I pondered writing a poem for today’s Creative Friday, though I didn’t get too far. Sometimes one or two lines become something bigger, sometimes they rest on their own. Here are my two lines from today:

“I’m not asking you to fly ahead,

You’ll lose yourself in the process.”

What makes me happy about these two lines, though I wouldn’t consider them a poem, is that I believe they’re from God. I was walking and praying about what to blog about and these two lines popped into my head and they speak to my current situation.

I’ve been praying for the last couple of days about how I don’t want to waste my life and how I want to build God’s kingdom. And from these lines, I feel that it is okay to be where I am and what I’m doing, that He isn’t expecting me to be a published author overnight or anything like that.

In a way it seems discouraging to know I still have two years left at university, but God is reminding me that His timing is good and that I started studying at the right time. I can’t rush ahead, and He isn’t expecting that of me. He simply wants me to obey Him as I am, with what He’s given me, now – which really takes the pressure off.

I’ll leave this here and continue studying, though not before telling you I cooked carrots in a delicious butter, garlic and herb sauce for dinner and it was pretty much the greasiest I’ve ever felt but I was willing to pay that price. It’s given me the energy to discuss streams of consciousness in relation to Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse. Such fun!

Sarah xx

By Sarah

My name is Sarah and I’m a twenty three year old who loves Jesus first and foremost, finds joy in the simple things, and appreciates a good metaphor and oxford comma.

I blog three times a week at

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