Winter Rhythm

The end – or start – of the week has rolled around quickly, bringing with it chillier nights and frosty mornings. And now night time has fallen without warning, bringing with it the knowledge of not having done much today. Which is fine; not every day should be filled with busyness, and I find that Sunday is a good chance to relax and prep yourself for the oncoming work week.

I’m surprised to find us halfway through the year already; how has six months passed? On one hand it feels like winter, and like we’ll be frozen for much longer than three months, but on the other hand I don’t feel like I’ve found a winter rhythm yet.

Maybe part of the reason is that autumn was mild this year, and barely existent, so my mind hasn’t quite caught up. I’m expecting autumn but we passed autumn weeks ago, and now it’s suddenly ~cold~ and I’m confused by it. (Though with all my complaining, we have a toasty fireplace and a working kettle and lots of cuddly blankets and jumpers, so can I really talk about being cold?)

I’ve currently stocked up on new tea, involving chai and vanilla loose-leaf, so waking up early and making myself a cup of tea has become a bit of a special routine. There’s something calming about going from heavy blankets to warm mug before writing down some blog ideas or praying, all without rush.

I’ve also recently discovered this song, and it’s pretty ~vibey~ in terms of winter, but a winter filled with sunshine. Have a listen, feel inspired, don’t forget to moisturise.

Sarah xx

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