A Love Letter 2 / Poem

The poem I posted yesterday (A Love Letter) didn’t take me long to write. I had the idea in mind and the rhymes fell into place without much nudging; a few minutes of sitting quietly and I had a poem to publish.

If I spent more time on the poem, I could draw it out. Add some more lines, make the imagery a little richer. Maybe indulge in some humour (something along the lines of but I don’t want to get burnt), play with the wording a bit more.

This afternoon I felt compelled to make ‘A Love Letter’ longer. I didn’t want a small, quick poem; I wanted bunches of stanzas for me to wrestle with, some lines that I couldn’t refuse but couldn’t quite fit in. I wanted to sit for a while and feel the ultimate satisfaction in writing something simultaneously lengthy and decent.

So I sat down at my laptop, and whilst I wrote, it wasn’t what I had planned. I wrote this bad boy; a completely new poem coming from a different angle. Surprise!

You call yourself a sailor,

But you’re afraid of the sea.

You want the waves to dull themselves,

To crash quietly.

You boast of the sand,

Bare feet grasping the grains.

Broken shells cut into skin,

You can’t see past the pain.

A lighthouse – a haven,

To sing you home safe.

But ships shatter on rocks,

So you don’t leave the bay.

You call yourself a sailor,

But you’re afraid of the sea.

You call the ocean your home,

But that’s not where you’ll be.

Sarah xx

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