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21 things learned at 21

Today is my birthday, so I thought I’d do one of these lists that make their way around the internet. 21 things learned at 21, here we go.

1. People who want to be in your life will make an effort

2. But you need to put in effort too

3. Go to church when you don’t feel like it – you’ll get something out of it

4. Get that small job done; it’s not as painful as you think (looking at you, quilt clasps)

5. God is for you regardless of how much you see Him in a situation

6. Read the recipe before you start cooking

7. It’s okay to try something and decide it’s not for you

8. It’s okay to cry

9. But let yourself laugh too

10. Would you rather buy the object or keep the money?

11. When you see two of your old high school teachers in one day, don’t feel awkward about wearing tracksuit pants; they’re wearing some too

12. There’s nothing wrong with being early

13. Write everything on your calendar or you’ll forget about it

14. God completely understands what you’re going through

15. I will forever be a morning person no matter how much I want to play Sims at midnight

16. Writing won’t always be easy

17. Write anyway

18. Celebrate the small victories

19. Don’t pressure yourself to read Wuthering Heights

20. But you really should get cracking

21. Look back at where you used to be; you’ve grown more than you realise

Let’s enjoy the last few hours of my birthday with much needed sleep,

Sarah xx

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