(And Tea)

I’m sitting by the fire because everywhere else is cold and I have a bit of a cold but that happens.

Life feels pretty normal right now. I drink lots of tea and I’ve got new clothes ready for winter, which I’m dressing for already surprise surprise, and I fry haloumi and enjoy it because breakfast.

It’s funny that I’m not too busy but I manage to fill my days, and it’s kind of a nice thing but also disturbing because what am I filling them with? I could say writing but that’s incredibly vague, and also awkward when this month has seen the least amount of blog posts in my blogging existence.

Sitting by the fire, watching house renovation tv shows, living my best life (with a cup of tea).

I don’t know when I started to enjoy watching shows about houses, but there’s definitely something that draws you in. Some of the time I don’t like the way the professionals decorate, but it’s satisfying to watch someone turn a rundown house into something decent.

I like the way they can integrate old and new, but sometimes the new is weird and the old is ugly. Still, someone out there loves it so who am I to judge? It’s usually the staging that’s bizarre anyway, not the house itself.

When I read blogs or watch YouTube videos I enjoy the ones about redecorating an office or moving house, browsing a furniture shop or assembling furniture. It’s always satisfying to see the before and after, especially when the before is messy and the after is neat and organised. Decluttering videos? Yes please.

As much as new furniture is exciting, it’s not always realistic.

A new desk sounds nice, but I have a perfectly fine functioning one that’s not ugly, so spending money on a new desk isn’t something I feel the need to do. There’s definitely a place for treat yo self and buy something that you might not ‘need’, but there’s a balance of not just wanting new things or wanting what other people have. Especially when so many YouTube videos these days are full of sponsored content that they get for free/highly discounted; it’s a different story to buy a million pieces of furniture in one hit for the average person.

I’m not going to stop reading blogs about decorating or moving house, but I will tell myself that my money is God’s; sometimes He might give me the green light to buy something new because yay, but other times He might ask me whether I’m placing too much importance on material items.

There’s no haloumi anymore but there will always be tea,

Sarah xx

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