Stop Writing! Playlist

I mentioned that I had a break-from-writing playlist, and here it is! It’s just great upbeat dance songs that make me want to get grooving. I like that word. Grooving. Let’s get to it!

1. We Don’t Believe What’s on TV (Twenty One Pilots)

This is the perfect balance of everything you want in a song.



















2. A-Punk (Vampire Weekend)

This song will always be awesome.
















3. This is What You Came For (Calvin Harris feat. Rihanna)

I didn’t love this song when it came out, but now I do.















4. Kids (OneRepublic)

OneRepublic just keeps giving.












5. Give Me Your Love (Sigala feat. John Newman and Nile Rodgers)

I liked John Newman before he was cool.










6. Friends (Justin Bieber and BloodPop)

I have many mixed feelings about Justin Bieber, but this song is too catchy to not love.






7. Brokenhearted (Karmin)

I love this song so much.




8. Someone New (Hosier)

A good mix of chill and upbeat.



9. Preacher Man (The Driver Era)

I recent find which has equaled constant listening.


10. Mona Lisa (Rak-Su)

Too catchy though.

The perfect break from writing. Ahh, I’m proud of this list. I’m listening to it right now and it’s all sorts of fantastic. I know we’ve gotten a lot of playlists recently, but this should be it for now (for now).

Sarah xx

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