Write That Book! Playlist

I love this playlist. It’s ten songs (of about forty) that I listen to when I’m writing. The songs are chill enough so I can concentrate on writing but they also give the feel of the book; some of the themes, some of the characters, just general inspiration for the vibe of my novel. Good times, good times.

1. Middle (DJ Snake feat. Bipolar Sunshine)

I didn’t like this song when I first heard it, but here we are, listening to it often and it’s great.
















2. We’re Going Home (Vance Joy)

Vance Joy is just perfect for every scenario.














3. Feels Like (Peking Duk)

‘Peking Duk’, lol.












4. Remind me to Forget (Kygo feat. Miguel)

Kygo; need I say more?










5. Stay With Me (Angus and Julia Stone)

I’m not the biggest fan of covers most of the time, but this one is gold.






6. Fast Car (Tracy Chapman)

Tracey Chapman is just amazing. Absolutely amazing.




7. Brother (NEEDTOBREATHE feat. Gavin DeGraw)

This song just holds so much emotion, it’s fantastic.


8. Mad World (Riverdale Cast)

The fact that half the actor’s in this series can sing really impresses me.

9. Chateau (Angus and Julia Stone)

My sister introduced me to this and I’m glad she did.

10. National Anthem (Lana Del Rey)

Same as above.

I also have a playlist called “Stop Writing!” which I like listening to when I need a break. It’s filled with great dance songs; ones that make you want to get up and do something other than sitting down at your laptop, so it’s perfect when I need do something.

Actually, I’ll probably put it on my blog because it’s an amazing playlist (if I do say so myself).

Sarah xx

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