Brisbane / Playlist

I have a road trippin’ playlist already, but this playlist is specific to my Brisbane trip. It’s simply songs that I’m really enjoying right now; they don’t actually have anything to do with Brisbane… Anyway, I enjoy this playlist and I guess that’s all that reeeeally matters

1/ Call if You Need (Vance Joy)

“I loved you in the darkness and I loved you in fluorescent light.”

2/ Little Bitty Pretty One (Thurston Harris)

“I’ve been watching you grow.”

3/ Stargazing (Kygo feat. Justin Jesso)

“I will still be here, stargazing. I’ll still look up for love.”

4/ Ditmas (Mumford and Sons)

“Where I used to end was where you start. You were the only one.”

5/ Didn’t Know You (acoustic) (Karmin)

“I better watch out, everyone’s got faces no one sees.”

6/ Postcards from Italy (Beirut)

“That day is mine, when she will marry me outside with the willow trees.”

7/ Bellyache (Billy Eilish)

“Thought that I’d feel better, but now I’ve got a bellyache.”

8/ Delicate (Taylor Swift)

“Sometimes when I look into your eyes I pretend you’re mine, all the damn time.”

9/ Just a Boy (Angus and Julia Stone)

“I met you once and I’d fallen for your notions.”

10/ Even Now (Dashboard Confessional)

“Even now I can feel your hand, gently over mine.”

Well, there you have it. A snippet of the soundtrack to my Brisbane days.

Sarah xx

By Sarah

My name is Sarah and I’m a twenty three year old who loves Jesus first and foremost, finds joy in the simple things, and appreciates a good metaphor and oxford comma.

I blog three times a week at

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