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Hellooo from Brisbane!

I mentioned this briefly in my post about notebooks, but because it excites me I thought I’d write a whole post dedicated to how I plan my blog.

2017 was the year of no-plan blogging. I winged it, which was great for that year and I got through, but this year I’ve decided to be a bit more thoughtful. Planning out my blog is helping me blog at least once a week, though twice is what I aim for, and helps me write about things that I may have not otherwise.

I have a little notebook that’s not pretty at all (though a put a little unicorn sticker on the front to make it enjoyable) which I now use to plan my blog. By blog planning, I don’t mean anything hectic; I’ll explain what I put in there…

At the back is where I put all of my blogging ideas. They’re all very vague (such as playlist, cooking adventure, what I’ve learnt about God, etc.), but it helps me pin down what I want to blog about specifically, especially when I want to blog but am not quite sure what direction to go in.

At the front, I have a page dedicated to my overall blogging goals (such as blog twice a week, add more photos, etc.) and then we begin the monthly pages.

These monthly pages are what I’ve started to use at the start of each month (funny that). If I know I’ll be doing something in the month, I can write it down on my monthly page to remind myself to blog about it. I’ll also put a few ideas of things that I’ve been thinking about to see if I can evolve them into a blog post sometime during the month (this is especially for God-posts because they require a bit more structure rather than winged-ramble).

For example (because I don’t think I described that very well) my March monthly page list has these on it (as well as more, but I can’t give you all my secrets or you won’t be eagerly waiting the next post):

A list for March

– Brisbane trip and playlist

Family weekend away

– Follow up on March Camper? (i.e. discuss anything in that list and say how it’s going)

Just to name a few.

Usually what happens is I get an idea and I might write a sentence about it on a word document, but then I don’t know what to follow it with so I delete it. With my planning, it means I can write down an idea and let it rest and come back to it if/when I feel I have more to add to it. The term ‘marinate’ comes to mind, though I don’t know if that makes sense or not. Let the idea marinate. It’s like marinating chicken. I’m not sure, so I’ll just finish that thought there.

About this planning, it’s good because there’s absolutely no pressure. I don’t have to write any of the ideas in my notebook, and I do sometimes just wing a post if I feel the words are there right away. I think of my planning like a plan B that’s sometimes a plan A; it’s just a way that helps me write when I “don’t have anything to write about”. It reminds me that in actual fact, I do!

I’ve started writing a post about Brisbane, but I’ll post it once I’ve done more than simply arrive here. I mean, I’ve bought a pack of chai tea and discovered Netflix, but just talking about those things isn’t very Brisbane-specific. I could literally be anywhere and write about chai.

Well, until not very far away,

Sarah xx

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