Right now is absolutely lovely.

I’m currently on a small trip away from home (about four hours away) just from Friday to Sunday before I go to Brisbane on Monday. Where I’m staying is on this massive property with seven or so cottages scattered around. The cottage I’m staying in has a porch (which is where I’m currently sitting) which rests on top of a hill and overlooks a massive dam. There are trees scattered around in little clumps and flowers over the place.

The birds make different noises to home so it’s a nice change to listen to their odd chatter. (Admittedly, some of the noises are slightly disturbing.) (Sometimes it feels like I’m in a horror movie.)

As I sit on the porch, the temperature is perfect. There’s a slight breeze that calms the humidity and it’s all very spacious and relaxing. I’ve just been for a swim and I’m tired but feeling pretty good. Perhaps a little hungry, but overall content. (Honestly, I can always go for a few slices of brie with a glass of wine, so not much has changed on that front.) (I just grabbed some brie from the fridge so I’m halfway there!)


I just thought I’d give a little update before I head to Brisbane, where I’m sure I’ll blog too. Get excited for my Brisbane playlist…!

I’m about to start reading a new book, a classic by Henry James, so we’ll see how we go. I’ve had it for about two years and whilst I’ve opened it on many occasions I haven’t made it past the first line. Whenever I go away on holidays I always find it much easier to get through a classic though. I think it’s a psychological thing of β€œyou have the time! You’re on holidays! Go and spend hours and hours understanding this text!” but when I’m at home it’s hard to just sit and read a classic for long. So today is the day! And I can hopefully finish it whilst I’m in Brisbane.

It’s all been very nice. I feel like I’m taking a holiday from an already very relaxed lifestyle. Though it won’t last for long, which means I need to take every opportunity while I have the time! Yeah boi.

Anyway, until I blog next week,

Sarah xx

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