Happy Things

I decided to make a list of things that are making me happy this February. Then I decided to post it on my blog. This list is in no particular order (I say this because ‘prayer’ is number nine, and I want you to know that God is my number one priority woot woot).

1/ Wearing comfy pants

2/ When it’s not too hot to use a blanket at night

3/ Cups of tea, always

4/ Peonies

5/ Embroidery patterns

6/ Clean sheets (will this ever not make me happy? no)

7/ Stamps, stickers, and stationary in general

8/ A clean bathroom (let’s just say, it was my turn to clean the bathroom and I had two weeks to do it. I finally got around to cleaning it on my 13th day)

9/ Prayer

10/ Hankies (this may seem like an odd thing, and a part of me is embarrassed because I’m admitting on the internet that I, a twenty year old female, use a hanky, but honestly, they’ve changed my life. They’re pretty, my bin doesn’t overflow with tissues like it normally does [because I blow my nose a loooot], and I’m not constantly stealing all the tissue boxes in the house)

11/ Other blogs (I don’t follow many blogs, but I am subscribed to a few and seeing other people write blogs is always really motivating)

12/ Getting mail that’s not from Centrelink

13/ Playlists (be still, my beating heart)

14/ The Parent Trap

15/ The fact that I have plants that aren’t dead/on their way out

16/ People that love me even when I make bland taco mix

17/ Collages

18/ Writing prompts (though this is a love/hate relationship)

19/ Haloumi

20/ Books involving Jane Austen without being written by Jane Austen (such as ‘The Jane Austen Book Club’ by Karen Joy Fowler) (sometimes you need a bit of Jane without the effort of deciphering a classic)

Happy February the 18th campers!

Sarah xx

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