Happy Things

I decided to make a list of things that are making me happy this February. Then I decided to post it on my blog. This list is in no particular order (I say this because ‘prayer’ is number nine, and I want you to know that God is my number one priority woot woot).

1. Wearing comfy pants

2. When it’s not too hot to use a blanket at night

3. Cups of tea, always

4. Peonies

5. Embroidery patterns

6. Clean sheets (will this ever not make me happy? no)

7. Stamps, stickers, and stationary in general

8. A clean bathroom (let’s just say, it was my turn to clean the bathroom and I had two weeks to do it. I finally got around to cleaning it on my 13th day)

9. Prayer

10. Hankies (this may seem like an odd thing, and a part of me is embarrassed because I’m admitting on the internet that I, a twenty year old female, use a hanky, but honestly, they’ve changed my life. They’re pretty, my bin doesn’t overflow with tissues like it normally does [because I blow my nose a loooot], and I’m not constantly stealing all the tissue boxes in the house)

11. Other blogs (I don’t follow many blogs, but I am subscribed to a few and seeing other people write blogs is always really motivating)

12. Getting mail that’s not from Centrelink

13. Playlists (be still, my beating heart)

14. The Parent Trap

15. The fact that I have plants that aren’t dead/on their way out

16. People that love me even when I make bland taco mix

17. Collages

18. Writing prompts (though this is a love/hate relationship)

19. Haloumi

20. Books involving Jane Austen without being written by Jane Austen (such as ‘The Jane Austen Book Club’ by Karen Joy Fowler) (sometimes you need a bit of Jane without the effort of deciphering a classic)

Happy February the 18th campers!

Sarah xx

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