Like Spring

This morning I opened my window when I first woke up, hoping to grab a bit of cool air before it turned to unbearable heat. I walked out, ate breakfast, then walked back in.

When I walked back in, it smelt like spring.

It was so unexpected, but there was something undeniably fresh about it all. I walked back into my room and the spring in the air was bizarre. It was over quickly, the breeze quickly becoming too warm to be found in spring. But for that moment, I remember what makes spring so lovely despite the hay fever.

I think it’s amazing that God knew we would need different seasons. Not just to grow things, but because he knew that we’d need change. By the time a season is almost over, isn’t everyone always cheering for the next one to hurry up? Organised change.

My two sunflower plants are surviving despite the heat. I mean, technically I planted six, three per pot, but for some reason one pot just never sprouted. But we don’t talk about that. We talk about the two sunflowers that are surviving, baby. Sometimes when I’m halfway through washing the dishes I look out the window in front of me and notice that they’re wilting, but they’re pretty resilient. Good old sunflowers.

This post doesn’t have much of a point, so drink lots of water, pick fresh flowers, and listen to that song on repeat until you hate it.

Actually, let’s go on a tangent for a second. Why is it that there are some songs we love right away but there are other songs that take their time before we warm up to them? What is with that? It’s something I only ever notice with songs, too. And why do I go back, even if it didn’t stand out to me at the time? So many questions.

Speaking of music, I love discovering new music that just does something to you the first time you hear it, and this band (YouTube video below) did that for me. I used to listen to them when they put their songs online for free because no one had heard of them, and on a whim I looked them up this morning and now they sound like a proper band, so I got to discover them all over again. I didn’t know any of their new songs so it was just great listening to song after song of theirs.

Sarah xx

Growing Pains (COIN)

“I can’t ever seem to make up my mind, now, what does that say about me?”

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