A Date

Why are dates so good?

Actually, let me stop us here. I realise now how this title and first sentence could seem misleading. I’m talking about a date as in ‘a sweet, dark brown oval fruit containing a hard stone, usually eaten dried’ (thank you Google for that very clear clarification.) Though let me add my own thoughts to this sweet, dark brown oval fruit… (that sounded a bit dodgy; not my intention.)

I’m currently doing a Daniel Fast, as discussed here, and I’m more than halfway. I finish on the 22nd of January, and I tell you, the 22nd of January has never looked so appealing! Anyway, so here I am, doing the Daniel Fast, definitely not complaining each time I see my twin brother eating fruit loaf (I never knew how much I loved fruit loaf until I couldn’t eat it), and I’ve just eaten a date. Just the one.

There’s something so satisfying about eating a dried date, because they look so ugly and they remind you of Grandma’s who fall asleep listening to the radio, but as soon as you bite into one that’s all replaced with positive connotations. They’re sweet and caramely (technical term) and chewy. It’s pretty much the same as eating dessert, but without the calories. (Well, sort of. Don’t quote me on that.) But they are legitimately pretty great!

And this isn’t just the Daniel Fast talking; this is a genuine love that began before the fast did. I absolutely love date scones. When they’re warm and buttery – that’s the life. Butter makes everything better, really it does (and that’s the Daniel Fast talking).

But I can also understand that dates are something that if you have a bad experience, you’re done. Like brussel sprouts. I feel like if someone had a gross brussel sprout as a kid, no way are they going to buy them as an adult. (I’ve said ‘brussel sprout’ too many times that it’s weird now) (actually, this blog post is turning weird, let’s look the truth in the eye am I right.)

In other news, I’ve had a haircut (just a trim, to get rid of those nasty split ends that I like to pick at in my spare time), and I feel decidedly fresh, though slightly like I’m fifteen. But this happens whenever I get my haircut; I seem to go down in age. So fifteen is pretty good considering that last time I got my haircut I felt like a twelve year old boy.

Well, I hope you all have a good evening,

Sarah xx

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