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I tend to go hunting for inspiration. Pinterest is my friend, along with books about France, independent book stores, blogs with subjects such as DIY, recipes, decluttering, and interior design. I love the odd YouTube video showcasing bullet journals and sketchbooks, not to mention exploring the paint section in Bunnings, where I collect paint cards with funky names.

A term I hear a lot, particularly in blogging-world and books about ‘French-chic’, is ‘mood board’. Basically, it’s a collection of pictures that inspire someone. It’s typically used for design or fashion, because it gets the inspo happening, but I think it’s good for the average person such as myself, too.

I used to have a cork board of pictures I liked, but since moving back home I’ve begun filling a wall of pictures and quotes that stand out to me. There’s no particular theme; it’s all relatively random, but the common ground is the fact that I like all of them.

I have pictures of flowers, the beach, rain, stylish women doing their thing, quotes that I love, etc. I like it because sometimes I look at it as a whole and feel very satisfied with the overall look and feeling of the thing, but other times I stand up and look at specific pictures. It’s something that inspires me every day, and encourages me to be the person I want to be, because all the pictures speak of a different aspect that resonates with me for some reason. Strength, beauty, Jesus, adventure, home; all the things that I connect with. I like that I can express who I am using something that someone else has created. I didn’t take these photos, yet they’ve impacted me on some level.

And on the flipside of this, by searching for pictures of what you like, you discover what you don’t like. It’s a way to find out what brings you joy, what energises you, what you’re passionate about. Why didn’t you choose that picture? What about it doesn’t appeal to you? I just love that by having things like mood boards, you can find out so much about a person. Choosing what pictures you like shows what’s in their heart, even if they don’t understand it yet, there’s something in the image that drew them towards it.

Being inspired is the best. And the fact that I can wake up every day next to an array of images that speak to me makes me really happy.

Sarah xx

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