The Art of Dressing

Something I’ve noticed, since being at home and not doing much, is that I still have to wear clothes every day, even though I’m not really seeing people (other than my family).

Last year, because I lived in community, every time I got dressed, I was conscious of the fact that I could see someone. Not conscious enough that it didn’t worry me if someone saw me in my pyjamas, or a weird combination (long socks worn over pyjama pants in winter to prevent the pant leg from rolling up in the night [which will thus make you cold]. I’m a genius! It meant my feet and legs stayed toasty all night long. It did also mean that some people saw me in that weird time between saying goodnight and actually going to sleep, hence why I became known as looking like an Oompa Loompa in some circles.), but you still knew that anyone could see you in anything (like my shark leggings. Good times, good times).

It’s weird being at home again, simply because every morning I look in my wardrobe and I have no idea what to wear. I have so many skirts and dresses, but I don’t want to wear them out simply by wearing them when I’m lounging around at home. But I also know that if I constantly keep dressing in comfy clothes (superhero pants, cough cough), I’ll never feel like getting out of them, which isn’t something I want to get caught in.

I think it’s because I have too many clothes, and I am not good with options.

School was great, because you were forced to wear the same thing every day (except when I was rebellious and wore jeans to school mwahaha). But school was also bad because it meant you had to wear the same thing every day, which meant I couldn’t cultivate my style or something very fashion-conscious like that. (Don’t I sound like a pro right now?)

Anyway. Now I’m stuck with lots of clothes and no where to wear them. It falls into the same category as buying an amazing new shirt or dress but it’s not weather-appropriate, so you just look at it longingly in your closet without being able to wear it. (And sometimes you try to wear it regardless of the weather-inappropriateness-levels, and you end up regretting it ten minutes into the day when you’re freezing or really, really sweaty. What can I say, I’ve learnt from experience, Mr Sunflower Jumper.)

Who knows what I’ll wear tomorrow. Knowing me, I’ll probably end up wacking on a jumper over it anyway.

Sarah xx

One thought on “The Art of Dressing

  1. *feels your pain. Even worse? I have to dress business casual for work, so what do you do when you get home? Stay in those clothes and get done what you get done? Change into something (again, sweatpants cuz your not going anywhere and who’s going to see you?), or do you just put on your pjs and be done with it?? #thestruggleisreal.


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