The Art of Things

I was away for three days, and I was worried that my little basil plant wouldn’t make it. The morning we left, it was discovered that he had begun sprouting! This is a crucial time in a plant’s life, and I didn’t want to be neglectful.

So I filled his little tray that he sits in with water, hoping he could drink when he wanted and that it would be enough.

Over those three days, I chose his name, Scout, in the hopes that he would survive those three days without me.

He did!

He has sprouted more and grown taller, and he’s not brown at all. He’s green as ever and standing tall in his little tray. I’ll have to transfer him to a bigger pot soon. Here he is:

‘Scout’ the basil plant

My little basil plant is growing and I’m listening to this playlist and I’m doing a puzzle and it’s all rather lovely.

With these things in mind, it’s hard to know why I easily get stressed and caught up in the trivial things of life, the small things that don’t matter in the big picture. Though I suppose in the moment, they aren’t the small things; they’re the big things.

And that can be applied to a lot, I think.

The small moments that turn out to be what we remember most with fondness. The small thoughts, actions, words. We remember the small things because they matter. Something small suggests life and importance and that something mattered. We remember a small sentence someone once said because it influenced us, impacted us. We remember a small smile someone gave because it was an act of kindness and was exactly what we needed.

We notice when someone remembers a small detail about us, like maybe that we don’t like tomato sauce, or that we really like mint, or that we’re happier in autumn than in summer. Because those small things aren’t things that everyone would take notice of.Β  The small things are what we remember because there’s a different kind of importance, impact, or influence placed on them.

When I look back and think about the people I’ve journeyed alongside for the past two years, I’m going to remember the small things. When someone noticed something, remembered something. Because they are big things; small things pile up and become a big thing. Maybe someone is really compassionate, but we know they’re compassionate because they left small traces of compassion on us all throughout the year. Someone who was compassionate once won’t necessarily be remembered as being a compassionate person. The small things add up. The small things are the big things.

And you know, in ten, twenty years, I have no idea how I’ll remember this time. What’s happening now will one day seem small. But I think I’ll remember it because all of these small things that are happening right now are building up and making this one big season of my life. I might not remember every little detail; I might not remember Scout when I’m forty. But I’ll remember this season as a whole, and I’ll remember how I grew through it and I’ll remember when a new season began.

For now, however, I’ll focus on the next small thing that I have to do.

Lots of small things = big things.

Big things = lots of small things.

All things, big or small, = our life, all of our seasons and all that are within these seasons.

Sarah xx

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