The Art of Christmas Eve (!)

Christmas is my favourite time of year. I don’t know why. It’s a combination of all the amazing things, I suppose. Jesus’ birth, family, holidays, music. Mainly Jesus’ birth. But also the presents, because I am still human, you know. People are happier at Christmas. Or maybe they just pretend to be because it’s Christmas. Regardless, Christmas = happy, which I think is pretty neat.

I like decorating the Christmas tree and looking at the weird baubles we painted in preschool. I like smelling shortbread cooking. I like listening to Christmas music. I like reading the Christmas story, especially after having a year that revolved, somewhat, around the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. I like watching the Carols on TV, even though most performances are awkward or awful. Some are alright (hello, Denis Walter and Hi-5). I don’t like Santa, but I do love Jesus. And, whilst it’s not technically His birthday, Christmas is the day we specifically put aside to remember and celebrate His birth, which again, is pretty neat.

All in all, Christmas is pretty fantastic. It’s the atmosphere, too; the lead up to Christmas, as people know they’re going on holidays, as people find the perfect gift, as kids are excited to not have to go to school for a few weeks. Good times, good times.

In other news, I made a Christmas village on my Sims 4 game, which is totally cute if you’re into that kind of thing. Which I am. (Remember this: my blog is a judge free zone, and because I am the writer and provide the goods, no one has any right to judge me based on my Sims experiences.)

Well. The carols are on in ten minutes or so, and I wouldn’t want to miss Hi-5 (only half kidding). I’ll blog tomorrow, campers, but for now, have a merry Christmas Eve!

Sarah xx

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