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The Art of Dancing

I have had several inspirational moments today.

One came in the form of a quote, telling me to start everyday with a dance party. The second came in the form of the song “Live Louder”, which a part of me is embarrassed about, but the other part happy with myself because it’s pretty much an awesome song.

While I’m not usually keen on corny quotes (such as “dance like no one is watching”) I have developed an unhealthy appreciation of them, because most are based on truth that we should be paying attention to. Right? We should dance like no one is watching. We should sing like we do in the shower. We shouldn’t be afraid to step out and, well, live louder. Our existence should be bright and abundant. We should light up the room when we walk.

I know that reading a bunch of inspirational quotes, whilst being inspirational, isn’t enough to change your life for more than twenty minutes. But I really do want to live out the words that inspire me. Things that inspire you inspire you for a reason. It’s because you can feel those words, those images, those music notes, those dance moves, in your bones. They resonate with you; they offer you something that’s perhaps been buried within your heart for quite some time.

If I acted upon my inspirations, my entire wardrobe would be sewn by me, I would cook every meal, I’d have amazing décor, and I’d be on the X Factor. I’d also be super fit and drink green tea all the time lol. Point is, a lot of things inspire me and resonate with me. Whilst I don’t plan on ever going on the X Factor (I don’t think that’s quite up my alley, somehow), there is clearly something in watching X Factor auditions that speaks to me. So I will keep learning guitar and writing my songs, if only for me and God. We may be good at many things, or want to be. But it’s up to us how we use them, if at all.

Tomorrow, who knows, maybe I will have a dance party to start my morning. It does sound relatively appealing, doesn’t it? Why do I make lots of playlists? Why do I write a blog post everyday? I am drawn in, and there is some passion there that keeps me going back, that keeps me doing it. I don’t blog for money, and yet I have found that I have gained much.

Keep writing, singing, drawing, painting, decorating, playing, running, swimming, accounting, organising, tidying, mothering, collaging, photographing, dancing, making, creating, designing, thinking, wondering, walking, reading, planting.

Do what inspires you and have a dance party when you wake up tomorrow morning. Open the windows and remember what makes you come alive. And if you don’t know what brings you joy, how exciting is the discovery? Your options are limitless. You can literally do whatever you want. Unless it involves breaking the law. Don’t do that.

Sarah xx

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