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Christmas Playlist

I’ve been traveling all day and am now pretty exhausted. And seeing as it’s so very nearly Christmas, I thought that now would be the perfect time to post another playlist! A playlist of my favourite 10 Christmas songs. Come on, you know you want to have a listen…

  1. O Holy Night (Damien Leith)

The what-I-think-is-the-bridge is the best kind of build.


















2. Merry Christmas Baby (Otis Redding)

This song is such a guilty pleasure, I can’t even.
















3. While You Were Sleeping (Casting Crowns)

To make you think.














4. Love Came Down (Jars of Clay)

Catchy but legit.












5. All I Want for Christmas is You (Mariah Carey)

The best bit is when those bells come in and it gets so happy and fun.










6. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) (Michael Buble)

Another guilty pleasure, but because everyone secretly loves Michael Buble’s Christmas album, I don’t feel as embarrassed about it.







7. Drummer Boy (Jars of Clay)

I know that the drummer boy isn’t a thing, but this song is amazingly catchy and cute.




8. Light of the World (Chris Tomlin)

Good memories with this one.


9. Driving Home for Christmas (Chris Rea)

Probably another guilty pleasure…

10. Last Christmas (The Collective)

You are not allowed to judge me for this…! Listen to it, you’ll love it too.

So, there you have it campers.

Christmas music is legit the best. Another song I like is “Do you Hear what I Hear”, but only when it’s this one guy that sings it, and I can’t remember his name. He’s on the Melbourne carols every year, which is cool. Speaking of the Melbourne Carols, that Hi-5 Christmas song is legitimately amazing too.

Judge free zone.

Sarah xx

5 thoughts on “Christmas Playlist

  1. Hey Sarah – his name is Denis Walter – always a standout at the Melbourne Christmas Eve carols! – and seriously, this is a judgment free zone when it comes to Christmas music!

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