The Art of a Pancake Crawl

I think I’ve finished off my time here in the best way possible. I officially move back home tomorrow, where I’ll be catching a train early morning and arriving early evening.

Today, brunch was involved. But it wasn’t just any brunch, but a Pancake Crawl (term coined by Sharon).

It involved three of us having one Pancake at three different places. (Also, my phone keeps automatically giving the word ‘pancake’ a capital P, which I’m actually pretty proud about.) It turned out pretty perfect, because at each cafe we ordered one meal and split it into three, and two of three times that one meal had three Pancakes, so we were able to split it well.

The Pancake Crawl was awesome. And because we had to walk/drive to each different cafe, by the time we got to the next cafe we weren’t full, and we were able to enjoy each separate pancake.

The conversation was spot on, and it was a memorable last day.

After the Pancake Crawl, we went to the beach and then dinner. And in between, good music.


Saying goodbye at the end was sad. But even the goodbye held amusing qualities, which kind of made up for it. Kind of 😉.

All in all, I’d say this day was pretty much perfect. For a goodbye, I mean. It was fun, honest, hilarious, relaxing and sad, so it achieved what it was supposed to.

I’m tired, but a good tired.

I don’t know how else to explain The Mighty Pancake Crawl, or how good today was. From beginning to end, and only just finishing. It wasn’t just the Pancake Crawl that made this day good, it was every aspect that tied together.

And tomorrow, a long train trip. Into the horizon…

Sarah xx

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