The Art of Seeing You Later

I could easily write a post about (and I probably already have done at some point) the joys of ending the year. Of planning for the new year, of organising aspects of your life, of enjoying the sense of a fresh start.

Or I could write about saying goodbye to people, and saying goodbye to a season of your life. My life, in the least.

I know that the people I’ve said goodbye to I will see again. I know that they’re friendships that will carry, regardless of distance or even contact. I know that we will always be able to pick up where we left off.

I suppose there’s an aspect of this that makes it easier to say goodbye because I know it’s not forever.

Saying goodbye is hard, though, regardless of what the future looks like.

Still. Things are good. And we look into the horizon, into our tomorrows. Or something cheesy like that.

Sarah xx

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