The Art of Heating

What do you write about when you have nothing to write about? I’m hot and tired. I just want to live in the swimming pool. My eyes are droopy. My fan is on, blowing warm air onto my sweaty body. Ew. Sweaty body. Never again, Sarah.

I really have no idea how authors do it. Writing can be hard! Everything can be hard, especially in this heat. No motivation whatsoever. I just want to sleep but sleep is so unattainable and unattainable sleep means sad sleepy Sarah struggling to write a blog post (say that ten times as fast as you can).

This heat is like the earth sighing from exhaustion and it’s letting the people know of it’s tiredness. It’s like it’s making a point and I’m just not getting it. Is global warming even a thing that’s a thing? It was big on the radar for a while but I haven’t heard about it for ages. And if not global warming, maybe the earth just has phases. Freezy ice ages for a few thousand years and then humid hot ages for a few thousand years. So maybe in another few thousand years it’ll be icy again and we’ll die from ice blocks and mammoths. Actually, I’ll be dead already (but alive in Christ. Ohhh)!

Or maybe it’s just hot and I’m talking nonsense.

But what have I learnt today?

I’ve learnt that swims at 8 o’clock at night are divine and that spiderwebs are ruthless on my black skirt (they really had no mercy).

I’ve learnt that after a day of working in the heat and the dust, there’s nothing like treating yourself to a cooling, cleansing face mask. I felt clean for approximately ten minutes, which really was a win. And then I stepped out of the bathroom and the heat ambushed my face. (My face is legitimately melted off right now. But hey, at least my pores are small. Melted off, but small.)

I’ve learnt that waking up at 6:30 in the morning to a lawn mower going outside the open window isn’t fun, nor is the fire alarm that went off at 3 in the morning.

I’ve learnt that spending time with God really is a choice, and it’s the best one there is (note to self: pick Jesus every time) and that spending time with Him is more refreshing than lying on the floor in heat-induced boredom.

I’ve learnt that babies are adorable when they discover they can’t walk in water, even when they’re determined to be independent. (No baby, no you can’t wriggle out of my grip. That would be bad.)

I’ve learnt that putting an iPod into a glass container actually does amplify the sound (hey, don’t judge me for my innovation just because you paid $599 on a good Bluetooth speaker when I have my glass jug.)

I’ve learnt that I should blog earlier than 10 o’clock because I’m really tired and those birds that sound like alarms will probably wake me up at six in the morning. Goodnight, campers.

Sarah xx

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