The Art of Actually, Legitimately Finishing

Today was my last day of work.

No more taking payments, booking accommodation, asking if people want to be subscribed. Or at least, no more of this unless I get another job similar. Which is possible. Who knows?

It feels satisfying finishing one thing and not having much responsibility for at least a few weeks. I’m hoping for some sleeping late/sleeping in moments, though Christmas doesn’t always offer this as there’s church to go to, family to visit, not to mention the heat that wakes you up at five in the morning. Seriously, who does that? The heat, that’s who…

So I have now officially graduated as well as officially no longer working where I am. It’s bizarre, living here whilst knowing I’m longer part of that side of things.

It’s a mix of relief, satisfaction, and sadness. It’s bittersweet, in other words. I’ve already cried today, but I’ve also laughed a lot, and I know that the next few days will probably be similar. And that’s okay. It’s okay to cry at something that’s sad, and it’s also okay to be excited and happy amidst the sadness.

In Ecclesiastes, it says that there is a time for everything, and I’ve never felt that verse so strongly in my heart as I have in these past few days. In some ways it’s encouraging, but in others it makes it more sad (weepy) because I know that this season has been so unique and I won’t have another season like it.

There is so much to reflect on as I think of the year behind me, and also as I think of what’s ahead of me.

It’s sad saying goodbye without knowing a) When I’ll see my friends again and b) What friends I’ll gain in the future, or when I’ll gain them. But just because I’m saying goodbye, doesn’t mean the love I feel for the people in my life right now diminishes, nor will change. It just means something new is on its way. Still, there are a few more days to go before I say goodbye completely, so I don’t need to write a lot on that. I was just going to talk about work. Hmm…


Anyway. There’s just so much happening. But goodbye is not yet.

Sarah xx

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