The Art of Loving the Sun

One of the best feelings in life (I feel like I say that a lot…) would have to be lying down in the sunshine on a nice day.

When it makes you kind of sleepy because it’s so warm without being too warm, and you just can’t get up because it’s so relaxing.

Such is what I’m thinking of as I sit here in bed, with a box of tissues next to me. Still, the curtains are wide open and I can hear some birds making that sound that they do. It’s not the annoying sound (you know the one that sounds like an alarm and they just do it over and over?), but a relatively pleasant sound (winning).

It looks like a really nice day outside. Perhaps too hot if you were to do some gardening, but nice if you’re taking a stroll. And nice if you’re simply looking at it like I am.

Today is one of those weird days, because I’m sick but the weather is telling me to not be sick and the trees are beckoning and the grass looks so inviting and I really feel like going for a swim.

No. Not today. If I swim today I’ll stay sick forever. Though perhaps the sun will be good for me; I can read in the sun, journal in the sun… Yes. Yes today.

Every now and then I think about how crazy the sun is. I mean, when you really think about it. If it were closer to us we’d burn to a crisp. If it were further away we’d turn into icicles. And yet here we are, living on earth, and it gives us the warmth we need. How clever is God! And the earth turns, giving us night and day, but we can’t actually feel the earth turning. ?!?!?!?!

All this thinking is making my brain tired. Nap time!

Sarah xx

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