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The Art of Writing out your Feelings (part 20)

How good is this; an even ‘20’ before the end of the year! How good is that!

This is another song that I’ve been writing on and off for a little while, so who knows what will still exist by the time it’s finished.

It’s what happens when nothing else matters

It’s not easy when you know the world is dying,

And it’s not easy when you see the people crying.

I gave you the best look I have

Tell me, is it enough?

Just tell me what to say

And I’ll tell you what I want you to think

If you only join me in the pursuit of this.

Do you believe in what I know

Do you hear the same things I do

Going to dance around every issue.

How long are you going to be comfortable?

Have a good sleep, campers!

Sarah xx

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